Overlight Spiritual Coaching Sessions 

As a Certified specialist  in Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Communications from Lightworker.com, and soon to be Licensed  Minister through IMM of Canada I am able to assist in tapping into the realms of the Guides, Angels, and other Beings of light who have agreed to assist each of us on this journey. These sessions are designed to empower you, to help you gain clarity and understanding about your primary life lessons, re-connect you with your higher self and begin opening you up to your own guidance. I won't tell you how to do your journey, I will assist you into your own awakening through guidance and insight into your contracts and the possibilities open to you at this time.

I offer single sessions as well as a discount on weekly, or monthly packages.

An MP3 Recording of Sessions in person or on the phone/skype

Card reading is an ancient, mystical tool used to assist us in gaining a better understanding of our lives and explore the options that are before from a different perspective.

Using Lemurian Numerology and spiritual imagery as a tool for insight and prophecy, Co-create the magic and mystery for the present and the future, as well as heal the past. Let Sharon be the channel for messages to assist you in gaining clarity and reignite the passion in your journey.
During a reading, the cards and guidance will assist us in discovering the unique truths about your love life, interpersonal relationships, and career, as well has showing you how to enhance your own empowerment, improve your health, and create a positive personal power in your life. By working on the unique messages given through the cards, you can create the magical life you know you were meant to experience. Includes an MP3 recording of Sessions in person or on the phone.

After you order your session, I will contact you with an appointment time.

45 minute Phone/Skype Session or written reading $95 CAD

75 minute Phone/Skype/Personal Session $144 CAD 

1500 Word Written Session $75.00

Exploring Meditation

This is a 31 day email course exploring meditation and how to use it to help you shift your life. We live in exciting and challenging times and these challenges can be met effectively through shifting our consciousness.    

31 day Email Meditaiton Workshop $33.00.

One Question Special written Session - Approximately 500 words   $45 CAD    

Overlight Spiritual Coaching
Angel or Guidance Session

Sharon Taphorn

Each day you will receive a message along with some tips on meditation and a meditation to enhance and integrate a daily spiritual practice. 

Past Life Regression and Transformation Sessions 

Visit and transform a past life. 

Have you lived before? Yes, most of you have (especially if you find yourself here). Come and explore the realms of your past through meditative journeys into the akashic record. 
We can each explore and gain clarity on why we are here, why we have some blocks, and better understand some of our relationships, and as we explore these areas, we transform them through our lineage and shift our current incarnation. 

These sessions bring, peace, love, enlightenment and transformation to your journey,            


Sessions: $95.00