Sharon has trained and is Certified in numerous Healing modalities, Spiritual and Inner Growth Workshops

Sharon became a Licenced Practical Nurse working for 5 years at St. Paul’s Hospital and then moved into geriatrics working with dementia care. In nursing she expanded into alternative healing when her patients repeatedly commented that they felt better when she touched them. She is certified in Inverse Wave Therapy, Certified Signature Cell Healing Practitioner/Trainer, Quality of One, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ra~Sheeba Master/Teacher, Shamanic  & Energy Healing, Tachyon Wellness Practitioner, Certified Overlight Spiritual Intuitive, Certified Fairyologist, Munay Ki Rites of Empowerment, Certified Facilitator of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, Certified Spiritual Communication, Past Life Regression Therapy/Transformation,  Animal Communication, Tarot Reading, Meditation, and more.

Sharon at the Mistical Arts Festival in Vancouver

Sharon has been sharing workshops on healing and awakening professionally since 2003 at The Spring Festival of Awareness, The Wise Women's Festival, Healing Ways, and other Body, Soul, and  Spirit Festivals/Weekends around BC.  

Sharon has been connecting to other dimensions all her life.

Since childhood I was able to connect with other dimensions and realms, having no idea this was unusual. I am empathic, intuitive, and have all my senses enhanced (the 6th senses). As a child, I was most at home with nature and animals, through my connection to them, I learned our interconnectedness with each other and all that is." 

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Sharon Taphorn 

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Sharon Taphorn makes her home in the Cariboo mountains of British Columbia 

She is the honoured mother of 1 son, and guardian to precious Bella, Pixie , and Caterina,

Photo is 1981 with my guardian angel watching over me

Sharon Taphorn is an international teacher, writer, healer, author, mystic and guardian of Mother Earth.  Author of Angel Guidance, Messages of Love and Healing, Sharon is a regular columnist at since 2014 and a contributing writer since 2012. She has been published in various publications and newspapers including, Issues Magazine, and The Sedona Journal of Emergence. She has also appeared on a Shaw Television's Halloween Special.

She is here at this time to guide and assist humanity through this great shift, She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her writing, workshops on Healing, Expanding Consciousness, Meditation and Spiritual Growth.

As a gifted intuitive, psychic and channel, Sharon also offers Private phone Sessions.