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Thursday April 24, 2014
Time: 8pm EST / 5pm PST
Your Hosts: Missy Kalat and Sharon Wilson

Sharon's Take

Thoughts, ideas, messages and shares throughout the month while I am playing with the Universe

Sharon's Take April 2014 ~ A Room with A View

It's all normal and quiet today on the energy field as I finally have time to sit down and write up this months message. I spent the 1st in Vancouver helping my son move and so didn't get a chance to call or visit with anyone and hardly seemed to see my son, however he is now moved up to the 28th floor to a lovely room with a view. There were times during the move where I got to sit and have a coffee and just watch the activities happening from the expansive view of Burrard Inlet and down-town. 

So back to Sharon's Take for April and today being a normal day and only the 2nd one in the past month so enjoy it as some of you might need it. Yesterday we had a storm so you might still be feeling those effects, however any break its often a welcome one. March saw only one normal day and the rest saw at least 3 flares a week with a few storms in between. It had more active days than storms which was a nice a change and that seems to be the new normal. We need to learn what living in these higher energies brings forward so that we can face it with grace and ease instead of any other alternative. It isn't easy as we go through these shifts and changes and when some of us seem to be surrounded by dimly lit or barely flickering individuals, it can be downright frustrating to be a human. However... these are exactly the opportunities we put before us to help us become more at peace and ground, these experiences are our teachers and we have been asking to move on to sometime more and that sometimes doesn't always look like we imagined. 

If we had that room with a view from the higher realms


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What better advise could we give that this considering we work with the angels everyday!

I thought it was appropriate to offer a small list of angelic helpers (and Masters) you can call upon for certain situations for support, guidance, love and protection. It is by no means complete but is a reference and truly all you need to do is call them in and they will be there. I think many of us have done it in times of emergency without even realising it. 

You always have your guardian angels who are there for you, supporting you, loving you, and guarding you. 

Each archangel is really a group of angels who work together for a common purpose just as we do as human and is a collective of energies. Compartmentalizing them and giving them names helps us feel empowered and focused in times of need. I know that when I was in a place where there was nothing I could do and no where for me to turn for help that the angels and guides that I invoked did exactly as I asked and the results were quick and swift. 

Archangel Michael and his legions of helper angels for protection, strength, truth, courage, help, love, really anything as he can be the go to guy for anything. 

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