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Angel Guidance ~ Messages of Love and Healing

A collection of messages from the angels to assist in expanding love and healing on Planet Earth. 

Contains 365 messages and affirmations. These are a collection of expanded messages from the daily angel wisdom by Sharon and the angels and each day includes an affirmation to assist in your personal healing and love. 

Working with the angels is a gift we offer ourselves as we explore these shifting times. The messages are filled with love and tools to assist in making the most out of your human journey as healing ourselves helps to change the world. 

The angels share practical wisdom that helps us find balance and harmony in our lives - regardless  of what the outward circumstances appear to be. 

The book makes a wonderful gift Christmas and Birthdays if anyone wants to order some for family and friends!

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An Autographed copy of the book with a personally recorded Angel Reading and  meditations to help you connect with your angels

Our Special  Price: $99.00   

Sharon Taphorn